Yuchun is “ON AIR”…!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

박유천..”정말 TV 에..?” Yuchun on National TV..?

Finally, Yuchun is “ON AIR”..!!
A staff member of TiO advertising agency stated in his/her blog as follow:
“Today, finally… TiO’s main episode had its first airing.
 It is quite a pressure for us because you’ve shown such an interest
 in the pre-launching episode…
 Indeed, Park Yoochun-nim’s popularity, pierces the sky. We were very
 surprised. Amazing, amazing! Please watch it with pleasure~ ^^ “
DEAR SIR or MADAME,  Can I ask why you were surprised with all this?
Haven’t you heard that Yuchun is a “Human Magnet”, who has the
“God given” ability to melt everyone’s heart away. In his own right, he is
a “MEGA “Star who deserves all the love and support from the fans, worldwide.
The only problem is that he doesn’t know and pays far less attention
to his fame and popularity…LOL ^^
Park YuChun recently shoot a commercial by himself for Dong Seo Food Products ..
He is going to be on National TV in Korea, after all..  It’s been so long.. can’t hardly wait
to see him..!  One of the fans who saw the clip said, God bless DSFP..!! ^^
We gonna drink a lot of ice tea, this summer, or what…?
In the said commercial (above and below clip), Yuchun portrays a student teacher at an
all girls’ high school. Can you imagine Yuchun being a teacher at any girls’ school?
One of Netizens who watched the commercial commented, “I’m so glad that I get to watch
him on TV.” and “If there had been such a student teacher at my school, I’d have gone
to school everyday, without any problem..!” LOL
In the commercial, Yuchun is talking to his mother on the phone while hand washing clothes.
He is grumbling about  the girl students at the school.  “Of course, it’s hard..!   Kids are scary,
these days. I really want to change to another school.  Mom, you went to all girls’ school, too,
right?  It’s way different, now! These girls are really scary, I’m really scared!”
The Vice Principle(?) overhears him and asks  sarcastically, “So, are you thinking about quitting
the school?”  Yuchun replies, “No, sir, I really like it here.”   His sudden change of attitude makes
lots of  people laugh. (Yuchun is such a good actor.
His actions are so natural..it makes you wonder..)  VP mocks Yuchun for washing
the clothes..etc..laughing out loud. After  he leaves, Yuchun continues to grumble, while d
rinking the tea,  he says, “Ehhhh, really …  How can summer be this cold..!!”
The ice tea is working, obviously..!! ^^ Is this a cute commercial or what?  Of course, it’s all…
because of our Yuchun..!
The brand name “TiO”  means “Ti” for Tea and an exclamation of Oh! for “O”.
In other words, it is delicious ice tea, that quenches your thirst…^^
I’ll be the first one to go out and get some TiO…!! ^^

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