JYJ Thai Concert/second day

The second day.. or the last day concert in Bangkok, Thailand..
Kim jae joong
mjjeje Kim jae joong
노래해서 목에서 피가나도 춤을춰 온몸이 부서져도 무대를 버릴수없다. 맘껏 즐길수없는 상황이라면 목이터져라 소리치자. 어디까지 우리 목소리와 우리들의 함성이 퍼져 나갈지 보자.그러려면 노래하자….
When JYJ drew more than 22,000 people for the concert, the affiliates of the concert in Thailand also expressed their surprise. The Thailand concert affiliate evaluated: “Because last month a Korean TV station had held a Korean Wave concert by bringing in all at once many singers, we worried that perhaps that would affect the JYJ concert. But because both days sold out, we were very shocked. It was the best in terms of drawing the audience among all the concerts held by Korean artists in Thailand this year.”
JYJ를 보러 22,000명이나 되는 팬들이 콘서트에 오자, 주체측에서도 너무 놀랐다고
고백했다. 지난달 타이랜드 TV 방송국 주체로 많은 한류스타들을 동원했던 콘서트가
있었기 때문에 조금 걱정이 되던터에, JYJ 콘서트가 순식간에 양 이틀 다 매진되자
놀라지 않을수 없었다고.. 올해들어, 이제까지 JYJ 만큼 한류스타들중 성공적으로 많은
관중을 끌어 모인적이 없다고 덧붙였다…
Jaejoong had promised Thai fans that he’ll be singing a well known elephant song, “Chang”..and he kept his promise.. here it is…!
They sang the third new song as an ” encore”…

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An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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