What a brother, right, Yoohwan…?

What a brother….그치, 유환…?

유환과 “반짝 반짝 빛나는 드라마”  꼬마 선배와 함께..
In the clip  (during 3/13/11 White Day fan meeting):
Yoohwan:  I think I was about 6 years old and my brother and I were playing
outside (in the pasture?). My brother had been trying to catch bees
with a plastic bag and wasn’t successful; so he said to me,
“Yoohwan, try to catch them with your hands”.. So I did what
was told, and got stung on my hand. It all swelled up and… I was
only six.
MC:  Oh, no, he didn’t..!!?
Yoohwan: (to Yuchun) Yea, why did you do that?
MC: Yuchun, why did you do that?
Yuchun: …. I..wanted the bees..(^^) (He sounds so cute.)
But seriously, I didn’t think, he’d really do it!

I remember him getting stung and his hand swelling up a big

(Big brother, Yuchun, exposed…)

Yoohwan shared, in one of the interviews, the advice he has received from his older brother Yuchun. “Because I lived in the States for a long time, I was not familiar with what is considered “good manners” in Korea. So in regards to that, my brother emphasized that as a member of the society, it is more important to become a decent person first, before becoming a good actor”.
That does sound like Yuchun we know, but what’s up with the bee episode? ^^
He is so “엉뚱해” ㅎㅎ


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