Junsu in Soccer Uniform

김준수 축구실력도 대단하지만 그의 유니폼이 너무 잘어울린다고 다들..난리..?
위의 영상에서 상대방 선수의 tackle로 준수가 넘어지자  “어떻게, 우리애기..?” 라고
걱정하는 팬의 음성이 실렸다. 상대방의 Yellow Card로 인해 Penalty Kick으로 Goal를
넣게된 김준수 선수.. 너무 잘했어요..  다리가 너무 예쁘다고 다른 팬들도 수근수근..^^
무엇보다 그가 건강하게 보여서 좋다… ^^

In the fan made clip above, a fan is noted saying “Oh, no, my baby..!” when she
saw Junsu falling down because of a tackle he received from another player from the opposite team. Obviously, she is an ardent fan of JYJ/Junsu.. It is rather cute to hear her say that, because it has different connotation when someone calls you a baby in Korean. It’s almost like she is referring to her own child and I’m sure she wasn’t Junsu’s mom…^^ He looks so charming in the uniform and even JJ noticed it and remarked in his latest twit.. Some of fans were saying Junsu has pretty legs for a soccer player. LOL And as for me, he looks so healthy and that makes me happy..


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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