“Sun Joon’s Dialogue“…

처음엔 아까왔다, 그재주가..            “At first, it seems like a shame to waste such a talent       그 다음엔, 네가 필요했지                  and then, I needed you…                                                      벗이 생긴다면                                      If I were to have a friend,                                                     그건, 너였으면 좋겠다 생각했다       thought , it would be you..                                                다만, 나는 방법을 몰랐던거야..         Just that, I didn’t know how                                            처음이었으니까..                                 ’cause you are my first…                                                    기적이 필요하다면,                             If you needed a miracle,                                                      내가 만들 생각이다                             I plan to make it happen                                                   언제가 됐든, 지금처럼                        No matter when, stay next to me                                   내 곁에 있어라                                     like right now..                                                                       그래야 나도 너를 보면서                    so I can look at you                                                               오늘을 기억 할테니까                         and remember this day…                                                    끝이라는건 없어..                                There is no such a thing as “end” ..                                   내가 매일매일 다시 시작할테니까    ‘Cause I’ll be there to start over and over each day..”

나의 착각일까…?                                                                                                                               이선준과 많이 닮은 6002…
이상하게 이선준과 박유천이란 사람은 마치 같은 인물인것 같은 생각이 든다….
많은 사람들이 그럿듯이… 그건, 오직, 나의 바람이겠지…
간혹, 이선준이라는 CHARACTER를 낳아준 박유천이라는 인재가
더 진짜 같이 느껴진다면..?
그렇게 믿고 싶다면..?                                                                                                                           그런 인물이 흔치 않은 세대를 살아가는 여인들의 가날픈 희망인가 보다…

Am I delusional? I keep thinking that Yuchun and “Sun Joon” (the character he played in SKK Scandal),  are the same person….!   Like so many other women who feel the same way about Yuchun and Sun Joon; it’s probably a “wishful thinking” on my part…                        To make things worse, I want to believe that Yuchun is more like the character, in real life, than Sun Joon , himself.   It sounds almost crazy, doesn’t it?  Could it be, because it’s so hard to find a “few good men” with integrity and decency, in our life…? Between Yuchun and Sun Joon, it is hard to tell who is the real one, so many have fallen in love with… ^^


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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