In Yuchun’s footsteps to Japan…

Yuchun is a helpless “Romanticist”…he writes messages on the sand (names in this case)…!  You can only see things like that in a movie, but in “Yuchun’s World”, it just comes  naturally.. ^^ While filming for “3hree Voices” in Odaiba Beach, Japan… Yuchun seemed to enjoy filming, while walking on the beach, writing their names on the sand, feeding seagulls(?) and getting wet…? Yuchun also took some pictures and twitted to the fans. One of the fans reported, he and Jaejoong greeted fans and had snack or lunch at the nearby cafe.. They shared a hot dog, she was told (she had asked the waitress at the cafe.. rather a small lunch..?).

On the first day of filming, Yuchun and Jaejoong somehow got wet.. (obviously, having fun)…but still kept on filming. According to the fans who were watching them nearby, Yuchun seemed to be in good mood and Jaejoong even said “Good afternoon” to them. Another fan noted that Yuchun’s eyes lit up when he saw children among the gathered crowd and gave them big smiles while waving his hands. He paid more attention to children, the fan said.

“Clumsy Yuchun…?”   He, apparently, had misplaced his iPod and was looking for it rather frantically(?)…^^ He is always listening to music, so, can you imagine him loosing not just the iPod, but the whole playlist..? He was noted to say, “Junsu is here”… I guess, he missed having Junsu with them.  Junsu will be filming his part separately, later.  His Musical, Tears of Heaven ends on 3/19/11.

Yuchun, twitted a picture of his bag (below left) and titled it,  “The Bag, presently in transit” (love his bag, btw)..LOL

He also took a picture of Tokyo Tower, reminiscing the time he had spent in Japan which brought back so many memories of both good and bad… He remarked, “Happiness… the Tokyo Tower” (picture below)..


Yuchun was seen at Tokyo Tower at a portrait shop.

I had been  wondering what he was doing in the picture, until a fan reported that he was in a portrait shop. No wonder,  he looks so serious and I guess, he wasn’t allowed to move around, too much…^^     Another fan was able to capture the moment in a video..(below)

Yuchun named the picture below as “Crackers/Cookies” in his recent twit…He and Jaejoong must have been feeding the seagulls…or (I wasn’t going to say this but..) are they also following the guys..? LOL ^^


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An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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