Park Yuchun – His Recent Family Pictures.. plus

Park Yuchun’s brother Yoohwan uploaded the Family Picture


On February 22nd, Park Yoo Hwan uploaded the pictures onto his Twitter and wrote, “Busy schedule… I want to see my family.”

In one of the photos, you can see Park Yoohwan smiling happily for the camera with his mother and his older brother, JYJ’s  Park Yuchun.

Another picture of Yuchun with Yoohwan; Yuchun is known for his love for his family and his brother..

Park Yoohwan is steadily gaining approval on his own, thanks to his debut acting stint in MBC’s “Shiny Shiny Shining” (below)

A new picture of Yoohwan’s another (?) family  ^^

Source: Star News via Nate


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An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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One Response to Park Yuchun – His Recent Family Pictures.. plus

  1. Hottie says:

    It’s time for an English lesson.

    It’s not flattering when someone tells you “You have the cheek ……..” , after you have made a nuisance of yourself

    Now look carefully at YuChun’s , Yoo Hwan’s and their mum’s cheeks. And tell them “You have the cheeks.”

    Same phrase but totally different meaning.Their beautiful cheeks define them.

    So next time you see me, just be cheeky and say “You have the cheek to think you have the Parks’ cheeks.”

    End of English lesson.

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