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Park Yoohwan discusses his acting debut & relationship with older brother, JYJ’s Yuchun

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Park Yoohwan was first introduced to the industry as the younger brother of JYJ’Park Yuchun, and he recently took his first step away from the title by acting in the drama, “Shiny Shiny Shining.”

(유천, 정말 힘들겠다… 그 많은 사진 기자들.. 사람들 한테 주목을 받고 있으니.. )

“Yesterday, the director said I improved a lot on my acting and praised me.  I wasn’t reprimanded that often, but that was my first compliment.  I feel great today,” he began.

He plays the role of ‘Han Sun Woo,’ a high school student who now lives with a half-brother 43 years older than him. Because of the secrets surrounding his birth, ‘Han’ is a lonely and secluded character who doesn’t open up easily to others.

Park explained, “I was sweating bullets during my first audition, and I thought I would surely be eliminated because of how awkward I seemed, but they actually said that it was that awkwardness which made me fit with the character. I actually have a bright personality, although I can look a bit shy and reserved on the outside, which I think is what I have in common with my role.”

Unlike other rookie actors, Park wasn’t criticized for any acting deficiencies and fortunately went through a positive debut.  Still, he’s able to recognize where he falls short and criticizes himself accordingly.  “My pronunciation isn’t that great because I spent most of my time in the U.S.  It’s not my tongue or anything, but I do stumble over words because I’m more used to English.  It’s something I definitely have to work on, and I am vigilantly reading a lot of the opinions on the message board.  Compliments, criticisms, I’m thankful for them all.”

It’s a well known fact that his inspiration to become an actor was largely due to his older brother. He had never wanted to become a singer, but fell in love with the charms of acting after watching his brother in KBS’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“.

Yoohwan revealed, “It’s not like I’m particularly talented in singing, and although I do like it, I’ve never once thought of wanting to become a singer.  I’ve been by my hyung’s side and watched him go through all those hardships, so I never thought of debuting in the entertainment industry. Acting, however, was different for me.  No matter how hard it was, I assured myself that I could do it. I experienced things I normally couldn’t, and I felt drawn towards the fact that I could live as someone named ‘Han Sun Woo’, not Park Yoohwan.”

The reporter then asked Yoohwan to share a little about his relationship with his brother. When I was younger, I thought that all the brothers in the world had a good relationship like us. I think it’s because we both spent time overseas.  I wasn’t able to fit in with my peers at school, so I spent a lot of time with my brother.”

He continued, Soon after, he left for Korea to debut, and being young, I was happy to have the room to myself.  A week later, I was sad when I realized that my hyung wouldn’t be coming back.  We talked on the phone a lot, and although I don’t cry in front of my parents and friends, I did cry a lot with him.  He later told me that he cried to himself after he hung up.  I cried with him whenever he cried on TV, and thinking about him now still makes me tear up.”

He revealed that even now, as a 20 year old male, he still looks for his brother’s room when he wakes up from sleep paralysis. Even though he’s made the decision to step into the harsh industry of entertainment, he claimed that it was because of his brother’s support and encouragement that he was able to do so.

When asked about his future, Park Yoohwan replied, “For now, I’m just thankful for everything.  As a rookie, I’ve been given opportunities that shouldn’t have come so easily. I’m working hard to learn a lot from my seniors, and I promise to show how much I’m improving through the 10th, 20th… and beyond, episodes.  Someday, I’d like to be recognized as an actor who acts well.”

Source + Photos: TV Report (1) (2), Credit: Allkpop


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One Response to His Younger Brother – Park Yoohwan

  1. Hottie says:

    “He later told me that he cried to himself after he hung up. I cried with him whenever he cried on TV, and thinking about him now still makes me tear up.”

    Young man, I don’t know whether you know that many people cried with your brother, Yu Chun, when he cried on TV. And that thinking about who he is ,now makes us tear up too. You are not alone. Why ?

    Because he is a rare breed of homo sapiens. Nearing extinction . He is talents, looks, personality, human decency – all in one package. 26 years ago, God looked at the world map and decided Korea needed a star and planted a baby in your house. No, not you. No, not baby Jesus. It’s your brother,Yu Chun.

    You have been blessed with a great hyung who looks after you. And your abeoji and eomeoni blessed with a great son who looks after them. And we are blessed to have enjoyed his music and his person.

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