(Seoul JYJ Concert 11/27 & 11/28/2010 Jamshil Stadium – originally posted 11/30/11)

Dear TCM888:                                                                                                                                    I wish you could understand Korean..!                                                                                             I can’t interpret the “warmth” and the “charm” Yuchun commands when he speaks.             It’s not the choice of words he uses, but the way he says things.                                          This is exactly what I’ve been talking about.. just watch the clip and see what I mean.           Yuchun is a natural when it comes to swooning and making connections with his audience…! Don’t you think so?                                                                                                          He is so down to earth..but also has that edge side that can’t be ignored.                                   He said few other things, but this one is so cute..                                                                         Did you know what he said?  He said, he’s so cold, his lips are about to be frozen.. !          Normally, Mega stars in his caliber wouldn’t admit to such a thing because they have certain, public image to keep.                                                                                               Anybody can offer to pick up a sheet of paper off the floor but not on a concert stage, like that?  Others would have just ignored it or tried to distract the audience by doing something else; but not Yuchun.                                                                                                        Instead, he goes out of his way to turn “an embarrassing  moment” (for the guitarist) into something special..  He has some guts!    And he knows his audience..!                                       Wouldn’t you say, he is a smart cookie?  He did it, so casually..the audience just went wild… Why does a little gesture like that become something “phenomenal” when Yuchun does it?  I still don’t know…. Maybe, he’s born with it? ^^                                                                          I know, I’m not supposed to analyze but to enjoy him for who it..but can’t help it sometimes. LOL                                                                                                                                    Perhaps,  people can detect his sincerity and it shows through.                                                 What about his witty sense of humor?                                                                                              He is so wicked and clever, he cracks me up..every time…                                                     Why all this? You go figure! ^^


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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One Response to “THE CHARMER..with FROZEN LIPS..”

  1. Hottie says:

    Heartchaser, I finally got it figured out.

    YuChun is clever Albert Einstein, funny Jerry Seinfeld, handsome Brad Pitt , composer singer John Lenon and humane Mother Teresa reincarnated into a Korean version.

    The gods can’t do an American version because it is very expensive to pay such a perfect model in Hollywood. SM Entertainment pays Korean artistes cheaper.

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