(The post was received by Heartchaser 2-20-11, via e-mail)                                            Credit: ThecrazyMama888

What “Heartchaser”  feels about “Park Yuchun”, reminds me of this quote :

“A good ear for music, and a taste for music are two very different things which are often confounded ; and so is comprehending and enjoying every object of sense and sentiment.” – Greville

Who is he? YUCHUN, I mean. Not Greville. So how do the rest of womankind feel about our symbol  of “sensual delight” (speaking for flushed teenyboppers)  and “object of sentimental endearment” (speaking for bashful A-jum-mas) ? These two classes of women are no different when it comes to loving YUCHUN if you don’t check the age on their passports. I am not allowed to enter the kindergarten grounds to interview the toddlers so I can’t advocate for them. The “Noo-nas” are a sandwich class, who can speak for themselves. Did I miss any other women who are dying for a piece(?) of YUCHUN? Mermaids do not count. They are slimy characters we don’t want associated with YUCHUN.

I don’t want to talk about mankind who must be wondering why their wives are not cooking dinners lately. But  running to Jamsil stadium and cancer hospitals.  And why their girlfriends prefer them to sing “My Girlfriend” on Valentine’s Day instead of demanding for diamonds. All this happening after JYJ returns to Korea in 2009/2010 after their long stint in Japan as part of DBSK.

Do the teens and A-jum-mas have exquisite taste in music like YUCHUN ? So they understand what is good music?  Or do these teens represent power by sheer numbers when they descend on  YUCHUN  , whether at a huge stadium  or his mum’s small Gelato Shop?

And who are these A-jum-mas who are no longer the subjugated  women of the “Joseon” period , reminiscent of Kim Yoon Hee of the SKK Scandal  drama whom our  Lee Seon Joon (aka YUCHUN, it’s hard to tell them apart) fell in love with ? These sweet ladies  are the epitome of the movers and shakers of the entertainment world.

They thank the spirited and spunky Miss Kim Yoon Hee who fell in love with Lee Seon Joon , on their behalf. But in their heart of hearts,  of course they imagine Mr Lee Seon Joon  is YUCHUN,  removing their cumbersome hats  seductively in an elevator that never works.  Doesn’t matter if the elevator is cramped .They are all willing to wait for their turns for the hat removal ritual while an ambulance is waiting outside. A-jum-mas’ hearts are no longer nubile and it is wise for medical assistance to be on standby.

It’s hard to forget him who won three KBS acting awards last year for “Best Rookie”, “Best Couple” and “Best Netizen”.  These fans have the time and money to let their love for YUCHUN overflow into  helping underprivileged children. To  donating tons of rice to charity. To even starting a new internet  radio network. These women echo Lee Seon Joon (aka YUCHUN, never forget that ) when  JYJ sees doors of  TV stations slammed in their  faces.  They assured YUCHUN and  his two team members “ IF YOU NEED A MIRACLE, WE WILL CREATE ONE FOR YOU.”  Wow! Great scriptwriting  in SKK Scandal in the 15th century turning into reality in modern day Seoul.  Give yourself a pat, Miss Scriptwriter.

It’s the David in the A-jum-ma fans,  fighting Goliath. And those of us who had paid attention in Sunday School  know who the victor is. The rest of you should just wait for the Seoul court’s decision on 15 March.

As what Greville noted – “COMPREHENDING AND ENJOYING” –  are different things that stump us. So like what a Noo-na fan (see? didn’t I tell you Noo-nas are such clear minded creatures ) of YUCHUN has wisely advised me  – “STOP ANALYZING WHY YOU LOVE YUCHUN AND JUST LOVE HIM”.

Mr Greville, wherever you are now, I hope you get a chance to watch YUCHUN  in JYY and SKK Scandal  in your celestial existence.  You will then comprehend why we wax lyrical over this “object of our love.”   I MAY NOT COMPREHEND YUCHUN, BUT I ENJOY HIM. Thank you for telling me the difference.


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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One Response to “WHO IS PARK YUCHUN?” by TCM888

  1. Heartchaser says:

    Hi, TCM888…^^
    You did it again..! You are so articulate in relaying your message.. Thanks for writing the post. I enjoy your sense of humor, as always. Some of your statements were classified as “dangerous”…(Yuchun’s CPR and etc…) You’re baaaaddd..!
    We handle, YUCHUN with care, HERE (as a fragile commodity)..!! LOL ^^
    Talk to you later, friend!

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