“The nice person in Room 2330” by anonymous

Dear Friend,
Have you seen this before?
The following post was forward to me by a dear friend, TCM888 on 2/20/11 through e-mail.
credit: ThecrazyMama888
Fanaccount] 101115   New Yorker Staff,
“The One in Room 2330 is a Really Nice Person”

This account came from one JYJ’s staff.
She asked us not to reveal her name since it’s actually not appropriate for a staff to reveal such account but she really wanted to share this story…

On the 15th of November when I was checking out of The New Yorker Hotel, I met one of the elderly cleaners who was helping out at the concierge desk. He asked me if I was part of the crew and also if JYJ were really huge stars in Asia to which I answered a positive yes to both questions.

He then told me that the star staying in room 2330 is really nice and even though he is a celebrity, he never once acted like one and spent a lot of time talking to this cleaner about everything.

Fan service is smiling for the cameras, being ever friendly in a switched on star mode… but when a cleaner in a hotel, someone who is often bypassed by most tourists who come and go, tell you the story of a star who has taken the time to know about him and asks about his well being behind closed doors on a daily basis, lies truly a kind person with a good heart … and that person is Micky.

That kinda made me swell with Noona pride over this kid I barely knew but who always had an ever ready smile for everyone.

In these really trying times, do say a prayer for them. For the Lord to watch over them and most of all give them the ability to continue to shine in the marketplace despite being slayed by their circumstances.

I too am trying to keep the faith, especially for Yoochun whom I’m personally most fond of.

credit: Anonymous


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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3 Responses to “The nice person in Room 2330” by anonymous

  1. Heartchaser says:

    Thanks, TCM888…It made you cry..!! You are so sweet…! LOL
    That does sound like Yuchun, we know. Thanks again for sharing. Shalom! ^^

    • Hottie says:

      YuChun is one guest all hotel staff from cleaners to chamber maids to concierges want to serve.
      And all mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins; and cousins twice removed on both sides of the Alantic want their female relative to marry.
      So where does that leave me?
      Therefore I cry………

      But I will gladly step aside for this beautiful soul of a man who deserves the best ……..
      I weep deep inside………behind closed doors like the way he spoke to the hotel cleaner

      • Hottie says:

        “Heartchaser”, I understand JYJ is going to US on a promotion tour next month. Do you know whether I need a working visa if I work as a part-time hotel cleaner in New York?

        OK,I’m no nymph and can’t compete with Yu Chun’s nubile girl fans. But since he is known to chat with elderly cleaners behind closed hotel room doors, what am I waiting for?

        I pick mybattles. It’s definitely easier to handle a broom than fighting off screaming girl fans who would be thinking I must have lost myway and had mistaken the YuChun fan meet for the soup kitchen.
        aka TCM888

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