“Vagabond” 이방인

Yuchun recently requested a song called “Yi-Bang-In” (meaning, “a vagabond “) to a radio program, on behalf of his manager (Sang-Ho) to celebrate his “new found love”.  In the message, he said, “I would like to dedicate the song to my manager hyung (brother) and his girlfriend, wishing them perfect love in happiness”..

I had never heard the song, before.  Trusting Yuchun’s exquisite taste in music, my curiosity grew and needed to find out. While going through the internet, I learned  that it wasn’t a massive, popular song (was rather hard to find) and  was first recorded in 1996.  The people who  loved and appreciated the song (by reading their comments) had gone through the “era of romanticism” in Korean youth culture. They were, now, in their forties…

Then, how did Yuchun….?  Does he, really….?                                                                         Why am I surprised?

While listening the song, I couldn’t help but to drop my head to my knees, in disbelief..  It’s not an ordinary love song, you would hear, casually.  The lyrics and melody of the song has somewhat “haunting effect” in trying to describe the depth of “one and only kind of love”, that is worth finding.  Does the meaning of “in search of my resting place…until my last breath, you are where I belong….” justify it as a love song…?

Dose Yuchun, really belong to Generation “Y”..?  This is not the kind of song, people of Generation “Y” like or prefers to listen to.. or is it?  No offense to the people of Generation “Y”, but my understanding of Millennials are far more “civic minded” than being in the mode of “soul searching”, like Yuchun. I’m not here to debate what the Gen “Y” is about but cannot help thinking, how different he is from any other Millennials, I know.  In many ways, Yuchun never fails to fascinate me…!

Like the title, the song is about a lover’s voyage in fulfilling his dreams, in lieu of perfecting his love..  In his dilemma, he leaves her, only to hear that she still loves and believes in him. She believes, at the end of his dreams and searching, he’ll come back to her, soon. Willingly, she can let him go because he’s “the reason for her living”.  A tired vagabond, in his search of dreams and hopes, he finds himself standing at her door.  In reminisce of how she had loved him, he confesses  that it was she,  he had been searching for and it was she, where he belonged, all along.  A weary, broken man, regretting his foolishness, wants to tell her that she is, where his soul rests, until his last breath…

The haunting lyrics of the song is not easy to understand.. Unless, you have the yearning and searching for meaning in life, I dare to say, it won’t be easy. Where and how does Yuchun fit into the picture,  is “on-going” mystery.  He has that quality..which can’t be explained.  Apart from his fun loving exterior image, he seems to have a different side, many of us don’t get to see…. A dreamer, perhaps…who seeks and confines himself in beautiful things that cannot be contained with physical eyes…?

Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why, I left my heart in…. Park Yuchun(?) ^^

“쉴 곳을 찾아서 결국… 또 난 여기까지 왔지….
내 몸 하나 가눌 수도 없는
벌거벗은 마음과 가난한 모습으로…..
네 삶의 의미는…. 나이기에….. 보내는 거라며
그 언젠가 내 꿈을 찾을때….
그대… 다시 돌아올.. 날, 믿겠다 했지….
수많은 세월 헤매이다가 세상 끝에서 지쳐 쓰러져도
후회는 없을꺼라고  너에게 말했지….. 뒤돌아 보며….
네 삶의 의미는…. 나이기에….. 보내는 거라며
그 언젠가 내 꿈을 찾을때….
그대… 다시 돌아올… 날, 믿겠다 했지….
수많은 세월 헤매이다가 세상 끝에서 지쳐 쓰러져도
후회는 없을꺼라고  너에게 말했지…
수많은 세월 헤매이다가 험한 세상 끝에서 숨이 끊어질때
그제야 나는 알게 될지 몰라…
그토록 찾아 헤매던 나의 머물곳은… 너였음을….
먼 훗날에..
그토록 찾아 헤매던 나의 머물곳은… 너였음을….


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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One Response to “Vagabond” 이방인

  1. Hottie says:

    “I left my heart in………Park Yu Chun”?
    Since when did Park Yu Chun adopt the nickname ” San Francisco”? I thought it was “Micky”.

    Try as I might, those little SF cable cars do not remotely resemble his red hot Ferrari . And he is more “park” than “hill “.

    Sorry, unlike Yu Chun, my imagination is not fertile.

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