“THANKS TO…” by Micky (Park Yuchun)

(Translation provided by the Heartchaser for Micky’s non-Korean fans..)

“You know what…?                                                                                                                          To tell the truth, there were times, I’d wished for more “cry tear” days than of “beaming smiles”…                                                                                                                                         Even now, random, meaningless thoughts of “this and that” often                                         cross my mind, each day…                                                                                                              At the end of long day’s work, before going to bed, I take a shower and without bothering to dry my hair, lay myself down for a couple of hours in random thoughts…                       And fall asleep, at the knock of the fresh morning light at my window.                                    It has become a routine, these days….                                                                                              Because of that, more dark circles(?) are evident and I am a little concerned…! ^^

Has it been two years, since…?                                                                                                           In two years, I’ve acquainted few more friends…                                                                   With “Ha Rang” by my side and with my old classmates in contact… I, now, live with Mom and my brother, Ricky..                                                                                                                       I’m a little worried about him… (he wants to play games, all day and won’t listen to his brother) but truly glad that  he seems to be doing o.k. and somewhat happy……

I even had a chance to buy Mom a “real” brand name bag which I had promised her              when we were back, in the States.   When  others hear this, they tell me, I am a “good son” and ask, if I’m feeling any better (or satisfied), these days….?   Well, do I…?                          Like the morning hours gradually pass and arrive at the ultimate brightness of                       “High Noon”…that glorious feeling of warmth…you mean?                                                          With serene peacefulness that ought to fill my beating heart..?                                                    I’m not quite there, yet… I still have a long way to go…                                                           Wish, Dad can be with us, so I can take care of him, too…I do miss him!

This is supposed to be a “thank you” note, but I keep talking about myself..!  ^^                     It’s been a while, since I had a chance to share and pour out my heart to anyone…                I got carried away… and said many gibberish things that doesn’t make sense.

As we prepared for the fourth album, different feelings of many emotions went through my mind.  The realization of having so many great people helping, loving and supporting us; humbles me and want to work, even harder.  We are surrounded by a multitude of great people, whom we are  “forever” grateful….                                                                                      I remind myself not to forget it… and worry a little; if we ever looked as if, we had “forgotten” it, ungrateful or seemed to “take it for granted”, in your eyes….

You stood by us, believed in us, and constantly reminded us “who we were“, when we, ourselves did not know who “we were to become“…!                                                                  At the opportunity of recording another album, we wanted to repay you with more “hard work” and undying “gratitude”, and greet you with big smiles rather than the tears of the past. Help us to “keep and cherish”, this feeling of gratitude, and make us work even harder in the future…!

I wish, the album will be shared and dedicated to…                                                                   the person “you love, the most” and would “like to thank, the most”…                                  those, you wanted to love but couldn’t and wanted to thank but didn’t…                      someone you couldn’t forgive…even though, you fully understood..                                    those, who you have forgiven but somehow feel that  it should have been you, who truly needed forgiveness…                                                                                                                           the family, you are currently living with, and with those who are separated…                  those, you want to be with but can’t and couldn’t…                                                            those who never had a chance to look back on “life” or held hands with someone to learn of his past, tears, and the time spent in an effort to “make things right” in life…                    those who shed tears, (even for once)…                                                                                          and with me, Yuchun…  because hearts know only to contain the wounds that can be healed with time; even though it is filled with scars of the past..

I wish the album will be manifested with love that heals and embrace the wounds of others.  And to our members, with undying love that cannot be described with mere words…”LOVE YOU, GUYS!” and give my  “BIGGEST THANKS!” to each of you.

MOST OF ALL, TO OUR DEDICATED FANS… WITH MY MOST HEARTFELT THANKS, MAY I SAY, “SA-RANG-HAE-YO!” ^^                                                                                                                                                                             Lastly, Lord, here I am …in Your presence…!


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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One Response to “THANKS TO…” by Micky (Park Yuchun)

  1. Hottie says:

    “those, you wanted to love but couldn’t and wanted to thank but didn’t…
    those, you want to be with but can’t and couldn’t…
    those who shed tears, (even for once)…and with me, YooChun…”

    I thought I love the singer and the actor. Now, I love the poet in him too.

    Thank you, Heartchaser. For your translation. I can see you did it with your heart.

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