“YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABE..!” a tribute to Park Yuchun

I am looking at you and thinking….. When did you become so beautiful…6002?
Once, you were a scrawny young lad who was awkward in everything. You were so cute but painfully shy, then.  Now, you’re more brilliant than ever, full of confidence and pursuing your dream… We adore you!
You were 18 and somewhat frustrated, back then. A new language to learn, and new culture to get used to.. you must have felt helpless, at times. You are an affectionate person but don’t warm up too fast, it takes time for you to absorb things because your heart has to be in sync.  It was hard but your love for music and the dreams you had, made you run your course diligently. You were surrounded by people, yet lonely.

She held out her hand in comfort and you were drawn to her, immediately… She became your girl, your first love, perhaps? Your connection with her gave that serenity which you needed. You wrote music, thinking of her….. Her emotions, whether “happy” or “sad”, became yours. You loved her, earnestly but busy schedule kept you apart. You would have dropped everything and run to her, but you didn’t and couldn’t. You felt trapped inside and went through a rough time. It almost made you quit.

Do you still feel the pain whenever you think of her?..I still wonder…

When you decided to go with the program, you had to put aside the “real you” and told yourself to hold back the tears. As expected, you gave it all, you came back strong.
Your hard work, sweat and tears had finally paid off. People went crazy over you. You out shined everyone.

Through your pictures, I see your story. Through your music I hear your heart. You don’t have to explain…  Your genuine tears touched people and they understood.   Slowly, you found your place within the group, understanding what your existence meant.   Never too proud, never too shy, never too mysterious, never too cold, your genuine personality came through, so beautifully.

How could anyone ever compete with that smile, that voice, that humor and that style! There is one and only you whom we love and adore..!

In seven short years(?), you arrived at a place, where you no longer have to play the roll. Now, you can be “real you”! With such confidence and style, you’re already into a new chapter of your career.

I’m going through your pictures, again, lovingly.
If you are like others, you may dread to see some of the old ones (not because it’s bad). It might bring back any painful memory you may have. But I pray that you’d be proud and comfortable with your past. The past is an important part of your history, and that’s what makes you, today.

Look at you now! At 25, you’ve achieved so much and still going..with full spectrum of what is to become. From your “charming smile” to “beautiful profile” and your “warm heart” to “decent character of charm”, you have captured so many hearts.. and what about your “wicked sense of humor”, that we love so much…!!

Why does an old phrase, “YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY, BABE…!” pops into my head whenever I think of you?
I’m looking at you, again and thinking..  “WHEN DID YOU BECOME SO BEAUTIFUL”? The word “memorable” suite you well…. 6002!

Go, bomb the show!

(posted 11/27/10 to commemorate JYJ’s Seoul Concert 11/27/10 – 11/28/10)


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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