Her Tribute of Her Yuchun…and JYJ


As always, there was a message in my YT “in box” from a dear girl named TCM888… Who is she? Like many of Yuchun’s fans, she is a lovely female who has a great taste in men… ^^I could talk about her passion towards YC, all day, but I will save it for later.

Her instantly written tribute to Yuchun is so witty and clever, I just couldn’t keep it all to myself….!!
Her extraordinary sense of humor keeps me going back to her, each time and you’ll know what I mean if you read on…. (I have omitted the beginning part of her message because it’s rather personal…) Thanks, TCM888, for making me smile, again…!!! ^^

In her recent message, TCM888 says,

“Please tell Yuchun, on my behalf that …..”

I have “FALLEN” for him and that “LEAVES” me  “EMPTY”…
and my “MISSION” is to listen to all his compositions,
even if it’s a new “SONG WITHOUT A TITLE”
At my age, I can never “BE THE ONE” and
he will never say  “BE MY GIRL” to me,
But “AYY GIRL” ( I am talking to you, TFY)…
there’s hope he may call you “MY GIRLFRIEND”…!
Who cares about “PIERROT”?
That French man can’t compete with your “hanbok” skirt…
What about me?
I’m only “NINE” teen…
“I.D.S” ?
“I Didn’t Say” that, did I?
Sigh…. that must be the “DRUNKEN TRUTH”
Yeah, the truth hurts that I must be drunk to ever dream that I’m 19.
“I LOVE YOU” YuChun,
I’m glad I “CHAJATTA” you…..
“STILL IN LOVE” with a guy who loves a “snow-girl”,
because of your smile, “I CAN SOAR”….each day..!

Did I miss out any of JYJ/Yuchun’s songs?. Haha!
It’s 2 a.m now. Good nite.

Sent to: thefoundyesoo


About Heartchaser

An ardent fan of Park 6002... Loves his music and everything about the guy..! An art designer, slightly out of tune..? Also, loves and favors Junsu and JJ...our JYJ guys..!!
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